You don’t have to be a musician you simply just have to be a human being to realize that music does fantastic things to our planet, culture, and every single person residing on it.

Music isn’t something that I believe could have ever been invented it’s too much a means of communication that is universal across all cultures, and languages.  It comes very naturally to a person shortly after birth before they can even speak. 

The beautiful part of it is that there are so many different genres of music because everyone is different all of the music is written almost as different as our DNA is distinct from each other.  You share music with friends, and it is something you can get together by itself gathered around in a bunch of fold out chairs in a garage, and chill out for hours too with some drinks, and good food.

It’s funny to think that something as old as music, in an age with something that people find as inseparable as a smartphone.  I guarantee you that if you pulled up the market information between both music, and smartphones, or social media that song would win every time.  If it doesn’t then I think it absolutely should if you can find a single person out there that doesn’t know the name of a single song you can call me wrong to my face any day. 

Personally, I was an Alto Saxophone player in my school’s band for six years and a guitar player at home by myself for two years.  In my experience as a musician, I learned that socialization becomes a lot easier, you meet a lot more interesting people, find more help among friends, and scientists say somehow even helps you improve your related math skills.

With the new age of computers, geniuses have figured out a way to both generate music without the use of physical instruments or effects to add on to the tools that already exists.  It’s electronic music, and if you don’t think people enjoy it go to a rave, and see a whole new crazy side of folk that you would have never dreamed of. 

They say that life finds a way, but in this case, it’s music that finds a way regardless if you had to find it on a deserted island someone determined enough would rope up some coconuts, a log, rock, and some sticks for an improvised percussion instrument in almost no time at all.  One of the most beautiful by-products of music is probably the concerts or another form of public performances.

If you ever go to a summer music festival, all you can see around you is a bunch of people interested in the same thing.  It is amazing how these people can go wild with their shirts off and a beer in their hand.  Not to mention crowd surfing on a huge group of other fans getting sprayed with a water hose like a stampede of wild animals. 

It’s the most fun you could have at virtually anywhere with a group of friends or the girl of your dreams to get comfortable and have a nice time screaming obnoxiously at your favorite band.