Today there is a relatively new entertainment sensation mostly for children that is watching people play video games.  They typically call it a “Let’s Play.”  I enjoy it myself, and it may seem strange, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and it seems like there’s a lot more to it than it sounds.  If you think way back to when you were a child, you might have spent much time watching TV.  Whether it was sitting on a couch playing video games with a sibling, or maybe a friend, and you would have the right time laughing as well as chatting about a bunch of different things.  This isn’t quite so different from what that is some major companies are already taking video games more seriously by hosting what they call “e-sports” for video game competitions.

One famous “Let’s Player” who’s living is solely based on the videos people watch him play video games on stated that it’s not so different from people watching sports on television.  I’m not entirely sure about that, but the reason I enjoy it and get a good laugh out of them is for the brilliant improv comedy that is involved with professional Let’s Plays.  A may sound weird for me to call them professional, but I’ve personally watched an individual support himself by broadcasting live video of him playing video games while interacting with his chat generating over a hundred dollars an hour in small tips alone by his live online viewers.

At that point when you’re making that kind of money legally I’ll call it professional any day.  Some companies such as Rooster Teeth (check out their YouTube Channel HERE) support employees have panels at conventions, and host live events based off of a small department of their business dedicated to Let’s Plays.  In a weird way, they also save me money, because I can experience video games I was interested in by watching someone play them online with the added comedy and interesting cometary.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not as simple as downloading some recording software and purchasing a decent microphone to get the job done.  I’ve personally tried it myself, and it is very far from easy.

The professional video editing alone rule some interested parties out.  The biggest thing though is the cometary, and improv comedy that these professionals provide that make them tons of fun, and to become a success you need to be pretty good at it.  For some scenarios, the entertainers aren’t even talking about the video game, and the video tends to turn into a podcast of sorts for people enjoy podcasts or talk radio.  Every kind of individual seems to be able to get into watching this entertainment now with lots of laughs for the most part on Youtube.  With so many enjoying it today in every age, size, and gender there is no shame in opening an internet browser and checking out some of the popular Let’s Plays yourself so sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy!