An excellent friend of mine had a birthday about a year and a half ago that made me realize that simple trips to places like a pier to be highly underrated, and should be more appreciated.  She was turning twenty years old soon.  So, on a lovely spring morning we gathered up all of our friends, and took a pleasant cruise down to the coast.

At that time, there were tourist attractions everywhere filled with little shops, fine dining restaurants, and a pier with the most beautiful view of the ocean and all of the boats sailing.  Funny thing about getting out, and about was that one of the first things we did while we were there was going to a relatively large arcade that had set up in one of their buildings. 

We drove so many miles, and one of the first things we decided to do was play video games that we could’ve done mostly together back at home.  It was much fun playing stuff like “Dance Dance Revolution” though with your friends so I don’t think any of us regret it.

After that, we reached the real attractions like roller coasters and every other motorized fun filled attraction we could find.  The fun continued until we got to the point where of almost throwing up.  Afterward, we settled down for an incredible meal together followed by having a blast once more on the roller coasters.

Photo Booth RentalOnce we shook off all of the feelings that consisted mostly of the world spinning, we went site seeing and began visiting the little shops.  My friend and I probably spent more money than we should have on the whole ordeal. 

However, we were a bunch of young adults with big aspirations but with jobs that didn’t pay enough to sustain a lifestyle of fun for very long.  Out of the whole day, the best-spent money was probably on the photo booth they had there from  

We shoved probably six or seven of us into a standard sized photo booth and began printing photos.  That experience is what sealed the whole memory for us.  Being able to capture that fund day is what makes the trip worth the time. 

After the photo booth, we went on a great campaign through the carnival games losing most of them.  However, still coming out on the better end of it with some stuffed animals and other cheap prizes that we probably could have bought at a fraction of the money we spent to win them. 

Never the less, the loot had the sweet taste of victory from winning the probably rigged carnival games.  After everything was done twice, and we settled down for a little bit, and enjoyed the sunset with the air cooling down, and our exhaustion setting in.  So, in the end, we walked off with some fantastic memories, and a great way to start off the twentieth year for our dear friend.